Advanced Auditing Assurance & Professional Ethics (Audit) | CRACKER By Pankaj Garg

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This book covers all past exam questions & detailed answers for the CA-Final exam by ICAI. It covers past exam questions, including the CA-Final May 2023 exam and RTPs & MTPs of ICAI. It also incorporates 800+ questions, case studies, MCQs, etc., with complete answers.

CA Final | New Syllabus | May/Nov. 2024 Exams



This book is prepared exclusively for the requirements of the Final Level of Chartered Accountancy Examination. It covers the questions & detailed answers strictly as per the new syllabus of ICAI.

The Present Publication is the 13th Edition & amended up to 31st July 2023 for CA-Final | New Syllabus | May/Nov. 2024 Exams. This book is authored by Pankaj Garg, with the following noteworthy features:

Strictly Designed and Prepared as per the New Syllabus of ICAI
[800+ Questions, Case Studies, etc.] with detailed answers are provided for self-practice, which includes:
570+ Descriptive Questions
4 Comprehensive Case Studies
200+ Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
25+ Integrated Case Scenario
Coverage of this book includes:
Past Exam Questions till May 2023 Exam under Old Syllabus
Questions from RTPs and MTPs of ICAI under Old Syllabus
[Point-wise Answers] for easy learning
[Most Updated & Amended] This book is updated & amended as per the following:
Code of Ethics
Quality Control and Engagement Standards
Company Law
The detailed contents of the book are as follows:

Quality Control
General Auditing Principles & Auditor Responsibilities
Audit Planning, Strategy and Execution
Materiality, Risk Assessment & Internal Control
Audit Evidence
Completion and Review
Specialised Areas
Audit-Related Services
Review of Financial Information
Prospective Financial Information and Other Assurance Services
Digital Auditing and Assurance
Group Audits
Audit of Banks
Audit of Non-Banking Financial Companies
Audit of Public Sector Undertakings
Internal Audit
Due Diligence, Investigation & Forensic Accounting
SDG and ESG Assurance
Professional Ethics and Liabilities of Auditors