Bharat Treatise on FEMA Law and Practice By Dilip K. Sheth Edition 2023

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Bharat Treatise on FEMA Law and Practice By Dilip K. Sheth
Bharat Treatise on FEMA Law and Practice By Dilip K. Sheth

This Treatise on FEMA covers the widest possible expanse of the subject in all its finer aspects. The exhaustive contents of the two volumes of the Treatise are aimed at providing a research-based, comprehensive and authentic sectionwise commentary on this foreign exchange management legislation. All important concepts and propositions affirmed by various Courts in India and abroad, FERA Board, the Appellate Tribunal for Foreign Exchange (ATFFE), CEGAT and other tribunals have been analysed and discussed threadbare.

The distinguishing features of this Treatise are:

Two chapters on “General Principles” and “Particular Principles”.
Review of non-English words and phrases under “General Principles”.
Comprehensive synopsis before the commentary of each section, sub-section, clause and sub-clause to provide an easy-to-find referencer for all topical issues.
Author’s critical comments on important issues explaining the correct legal position and suggesting reconsideration of decisions.
This Treatise is written for the following users.

– Multinational Corporations doing business in India who need to ensure compliance with various FEMA provisions, Rules and Regulations.
– Foreign Collaborators, Foreign Companies and joint venture partners and their foreign advisors to ensure their being on the right side of the law.
– Foreigners visiting India for business or employment.
– Members of the Bar and the Bench on whom rests the arduous task of interpreting the law.
– Senior Advocates, Solicitors and Chartered Accountants in practice and employment who interpret the law and advise their clients and employers.
– Officers and executives of foreign banks and nationalised banks to assist them in ensuring that their constituents have complied with FEMA and the Rules and Regulations made thereunder.
– Officers of the Reserve Bank of India and Officers of the Enforcement Directorate to ensure proper governance and implementation of FEMA.
– Researchers, scholars and law students in India and abroad in their pursuit of exploring finer aspects of this exchange management legislation.