Company Law Ready Reckoner 2024

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This book is an in-depth, updated resource on all provisions of the Companies Act 2013. It provides detailed topic-wise commentary on over 40 topics, along with an analysis of relevant rules, judicial pronouncements, circulars, and notifications. It is a practical guide for corporate professionals.



This book provides complete and accurate information about all provisions of the Companies Act 2013. It features a topic-wise commentary on all provisions of the Companies Act 2013. It also includes guidance on all practical issues companies and corporate professionals face, making it an essential resource for corporate professionals and companies.

The Present Publication is the 14th Edition & updated till 1st January 2024. This book is authored by Taxmann’s Editorial Board with the following noteworthy features:

[Topic-wise Commentary] on 40+ topics of the Companies Act, 2013
[Analysis of all Provisions of Companies Act] with relevant Rules, Judicial Pronouncements, Circulars and Notifications
The contents of the book are as follows

Incorporation of a Company
Memorandum of Association
Articles of Association
Capital of the Company
Issue of Securities
Further Issue of Securities
Reduction of Capital and Buy-Back of Securities
Public Issue of Securities
Membership of Company
Transfer of Securities
Nomination and Transmission of Shares
Democracy of Shareholders
Procedure of General Meeting
Directors of Company
Disqualifications and Removal of Director
Restrictions on Directors in Relation to Company
Duties, Rights and Liabilities of Directors
Meeting of Board to Members
Report of Board to Members
Corporate Governance
Restrictions on the Power of the Board
Key Managerial Personnel
Charge on Assets of the Company
Public Deposits
Accounts of the Company
Financial Audit of Accounts
Cost Audit and Secretarial Audit
Private Companies
Holding and Subsidiary Companies
Companies Licensed under Section 8
Government Companies
Foreign Company
Other Types of Companies
Miscellaneous Provisions in Company Law
Overview of NCLT Related Issues
Inspection, Investigation, Offences, Penalties
Administration of Company Law
MCA-21 – E-Governance
Procedural Compliances by a Company