GST New Returns with e-Invoicing


  • Author : Aditya Singhania
  • Edition : 2020 Edition
  • Date of Publication : January 2020
  • Binding : Paperback
  • No. Of Pages : 744
  • Weight (Kgs) : 0.79
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This book provides complete information about the new return filing system and e-Invoicing which will be implemented from 01-04-2020. It explains newly introduced concepts in a detailed manner along with relevant illustrations, tables, diagrams and screenshots of the GST portal. The present publication is the first edition as amended up to January 1, 2020.
  • New return formats of RET-1, RET-2 and RET-3 along with detailed explanation
  • Background and concept of e-Invoicing
  • IT requirement for implementing e-Invoicing
  • Annexures containing relevant Sections, Rules, Notifications, etc.
Also Incorporating
  • GST ANX-1 compared with GSTR 1
  • GST ANX-2 compared with GSTR 2
  • GST RET 1/RET 2/RET 3 compared with GSTR 3/3B
  • GST RET 1/RET 2/ RET 3 interlinked with GST ANX-1/2
  • Amendment returns GST ANX-1A & GST RET-1A/2A/3A
  • Exhaustive explanation for each Table
  • Reconciliation/Matching between Purchase Register & GST ANX-2
  • Usage of Matching Tool for reconciliation by GST Common Portal
  • Explanation using Illustrations
  • E-Invoicing, QR Code, etc.
  • Amendment & Cancellation of e-Invoice
  • Timelines for implementation
  • IT implementation
Key Features
  • Practical Situations alongwith Solutions
  • Diagrammatic Explanation of Flow
  • Tabular presentation of concepts
  • Synchronization with GST Common Portal
  • Explanation using screenshots


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