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Minimum System Requirements
Processor : 
Pentium IV or aboveOperating System :
Windows Vista/Win XP/Win2000


Minimum 512 MB or above

Hard Disk Drive : 

1 GB available free space
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Spectrum is a combination of Zen Income Tax Auditor EditionZen e- TDSZen Service TaxZen Document ManagerZen Project Report / CMAZen Form Manager & Zen e- AIR.

Direct E-filing Facility Has Been Provided through Software. User Can Directly Upload The Xml File On The Income Tax Department’s Site Through Software. Further A Facility Of “Change Password” And “Create User” Has Been Provided Through Software. User Need Not Log On To Department’s Site Manually.

• Computation of Income and tax thereon taking care of statutory deductions, Set off of losses, Clubbing of Minor’s income, Rebates etc.
• Computation of Foreign Company and Non Residents and Trust has been provided with detailed provisions.
• Automatic as well as manual calculation of interest u/s 234A, 234B & 234C.
• Preparation of Return Forms viz. ITR 1 to ITR 7.
• Preparation of Trading, P&L Account, Balance Sheet, Multiple Capital Account, and Statement of Affairs.
• MIS Reports viz. assesses register, Filed Return List, Pending Return List, Returns to be Prepared, Refund
• Cases List, Advance Tax Register, Advance Tax Estimation Report, and Assesses without PAN etc.
• Client-wise backup and restore facility.
• Online e-Payment of Tax Challans through software directly, no require filling master information.
• Facility to Import Data Directly from Tally 4.5/ 5.4/ 6.3/7.2/8.1/9.0, BUSY and from MS-Excel.
• Specimen of Qualification in Auditor Report Notes on Accounts and Accounting Policies.
• Facility to calculate Defer Tax Liability ⁄ Assets as per AS-22.
• Statutory Compliance (Income Tax)
» Enables Auto filing of Income Tax Return Form 1, 2, 2A, 3, 4, 4S, 5, 6 and 7 in Hard Copy and Electronic
Format as per the requirement of Income Tax Department for Individuals, HUF, Firms, Companies, AOP, BOI,
LLP and Trusts.
» Form 49A (PAN Application New-Indian Citizen), Form 49AA (PAN Application New-Foreign Citizen) &
Form 49A Correction (Modification in PAN Data) are generated from the master database in the software
in the hard copy and online.
» Declaration form for Non deduction of TDS – Facilitates Generation of Form 15H (senior citizens) and
Form 15G (Other Citizens).
» Relief Calculator – Calculation of Relief u/s 89(1). Minimum Alternate Tax (MAT) report – Furnishing of
Form 29B enabled.
» Advance Tax Calculator for computation of Advance Tax installments.
• Billing
» Facility to generate bills, receipts and bill cum receipts.
» Pending fee list and Pending bill list.
» Client Ledger and Outstanding.
• Various Online Activity (On Income Tax Website)
» Navigating widget for logging on to Income Tax India website to directly upload the required XML files.
» e-Filing for 10B, 10BB, 29B, 3CEB, 35.
» Downloading widget facilitates update from email box i.e., downloading of intimation and ITR-V receipt status.
» e-payment of Challan obviates need to fill master information, Import TDS entries from Form 26AS.
» Facility to know Outstanding Tax Demand, Tax Credit Mismatch, Rectification Request, Filing of Defective
Return, Generation & Verification of ITR through EVC.
• Statutory Compliance – Financial Statement
» Generates Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement in the Revised Schedule VI Format and
Horizontal format.
» Tax Audit Reports – Generates Forms 3CA, 3CB, 3CD and Annexure of Form 3CD.
» Company Reports – Generates Auditor’s Report, Director’s Report &CARO Report.
» Notes to Account & Significant Accounting Policies – Enables inputs for notes and accounting policies.
» Comparative summary of current year’s and previous year’s computation enabled in a single click.
» Tax Planning Tool facilitates adjustment of sequence of current year losses and unabsorbed depreciation.


• Preparation and Validation of e-TDS return file.
• User can Generate Forms 24G, 24Q, 26Q, 26QA, 26QAA, 27A, 27B, 27Q, 27EQ, 15G/H, 16, 16A, 27D, 49B by giving Single Input (with correction statement).
• Facilitates record keeping and error tracking of returns through preparation of Multiple correction statement.
• Identification of wrong PAN – This helps to identify a wrong PAN report and correct it accordingly.
• File Viewer Facility to view FVU files as per the format prescribed by the NSDL.
• Salary display computation of total income and tax calculation thereon.
• Challans wise Details, Certificate Issue Register, List of Clients not having PAN and address.
• Salary Summary Annual Gross (Display the Gross Amount and Exempted Amount separately), Annual Net (Display the Final Taxable Amount) and Monthly Salary Summary (Display the Monthly Salary Paid).
• Online TAN Registration.
• e-Filing of Return (Auto downloads of CSI File from the NSDL Site, Error Locator – efile error locator redirects you to the point of initiation of error, Auto Generation of Form No. 27A with control report.
• List of All India Bank Branches Codes Available.
• Facility to calculate amount of Monthly TDS to be deducted.
• Real Time Validation Facility – A tripwire in the software to identify errors and notify the user during the e-Filing process.
• Challan Verification – This facility verifies the authenticity and correctness of the challan from the CSI File.
• Import/Export Facility
» Import Facility – Zen TDS facilitates importing data of deductee and employee master and deductee entries
from Excel Sheets / FVU / NSDL-TDS File.
» Facilitates importing deductee entries from Text files generated by all major banking software e.g.Finacle etc.
» Export Facility – Zen TDS facilitates exporting of data and grid into Excel templates.
• MIS Reports
» Various Master Reports – Deductor Master / Deductee Master / Employee Master Reports.
» Salary Report – Reports on Monthly TDS Deducted, Monthly TDS to be Deducted, Gross Salary Summary,
Net Salary Summary.
» Challan Report – Reports on Challan Status, Deductee wise Challan report.
» Return Status Report – User is facilitated by status report of Filed and Pending Returns.
» Statement Analysis Report – Identification of all the possible defaults on a excel sheet for a particular quarter
on a single click.
• Online Features
» New Deductor Registraion on Income Tax Website.
» Facility to upload TDS statements.
» Online TAN/AIN Registration – Information automatically filled up in the online registration form
on Traces website using the software’s master database.
» Online Verification Single / Multiple Challan – This facility checks the correctness of the challan from the
NSDL Website.
» Online PAN Verification – This facility checks the correctness of the PAN from the Traces Website.

Service Tax 

• Preparation of Form ST-1, 3, 3A, 4, 5, 6, 7.
• Preparation of Form ASTR-1, ASTR-2 & AAR.
• Report of Pending or Filled ST-3 Return.
• Online e-Payment of Tax Challan through software directly, no requirements to fill master information.
• Preparation of Additional Information to be submitted with Service Tax Return.
• Takes into account the effect of abatements.
• Software directly navigate to the e-filing websites (aces.gov.in) and logs in directly. Software memorizing the password.

Document Manager

• Enable client wise Document management for easy listing, storing.
• Classification of Documents on the basis of subject, financial year.
• Creates Centralized storage of documents.
• Quick addition of document, modification possible.
• Facility to tag documents.
• Smooth searching of documents & retrieval, supported for different criteria.

Project Report / CMA 

• Preparation of project report.
• Depreciation Chart as per New Companies Act, 2013.
• Preparation of complete projected financial statements of specified projected years.
• Facility to enter complete quantitative details and auto calculation of various figures at the option of the user.
• Preparation of CMA Data & Calculation of MPBF as per Tandon and Nayar Committee.
• Preparation of Cash Flow & Fund Flow statement.
• Auto Interest calculation, EMI calculation, rate of interest calculation, present value & maturity value calculation.
• Facility of preparation of multiple repayment schedules of the term loan.
• Auto preparation of depreciation chart and term loan interest for estimated and projected years.

Form Manager 

• Facility of Automatic Picking of Master Data in Forms (It works like Mail Merge Facility of MS Word).
• Facility to add additional categories in forms and storage at a central location.
• Forms provided by the software can be edited and saved.
• Forms available from the assessment year 2007-2008 in the Form Manager enabling compilation of all ITR forms in a single location.
• About 1000 Forms including
» Affidavits, Bonds, Agreements
» Arbitration
» Company Law
» Compromise and Settlements
» Foreign Collaboration
» Gift, Hire Purchase
» Income Tax
» Indemnity
» Lease and License, Mortgage and Pledge
» Notices
» Partition, Partnership Deed
» Power of Attorney
» Sale Deed
» Service Tax, Wealth Tax, Central Excise
» Income Tax Circulars and Notification (Approx. 9000)


• Facility to Prepare Annual Information Return Form 61A and e-Filing thereof (with correction statement).
• Data can be imported from Text File / FVU File / MS-Excel.
• Facility to prepare & e-Filing of Form 61.

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