R.K. Jain’s Foreign Trade Policy 2023

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The 27th Edition offers comprehensive materials on the Foreign Trade Policy 2023, including all related Notifications, Public Notices and Forms. It features the latest updates as of 26th April 2023, including the new Aayat-Niryat Forms and Appendices to the Handbook of Procedures.



This book incorporates the Foreign Trade Policy 2023 and Notifications, Public Notices, Forms and Allied Act & Rules. It is an imprint edition of the Foreign Trade Policy 2023. It also includes a glossary of terms for Foreign Trade Policy & Customs.

The Present Publication is the 27th Edition and has been amended as on 26th April 2023 with the following coverage:

Foreign Trade Policy Ready Reckoner
Foreign Trade Policy 2023
Handbook of Procedures 2023
New Appendices to Handbook of Procedures notified on 26/04/2023
New Aayat-Niryat Forms notified on 26/04/2023
Allied Act & Rules