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Skorydov TDS Suite is a product built with the idea to make the ever increasing headache of e-TDS returns a thing of the past.The reason we have released this software is to make TDS returns accurate and error free. We have taken special care to see that the Correction returns are not rejected and the software is compatible for future changes that we expect in the TDS returns. TDS SUITE is complete TDS software through which employer can easily file the quarterly regular and correction returns thus avoiding notices from the Income-tax Department for incorrect returns and also can generate digitally signed TDS certificates of employees/vendors. The software provides the status of the TDS return for each quarter and various other feature which makes the software more easier and intelligent. This is an outcome of your problems which you face while filing your TDS return. Compliance on TDS is now increased due to digitization of TDS return, Income-tax department is getting the complete TDS details on a click of button. Now it’s time for the deductor to be more precise while filing the TDS return.

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Here is a brief explanation on TDS Software(s)

1) TDS Suite 2018 [A Complete TDS Software]
  • Generate Regular and Revised Returns for all Forms and Quarters from F.Y 2007-08 onward.
  • Generate accurate and error Free returns with correct FVU.
  • Provides alerts for the notices from Income Tax Department on home Pages.
  • Process eXtremely large TDS data quickly.
  • Many more features. Check in Features section.
Download for FREE : TDS Suite 2018 [Ver :]
2) Excel e-TDS [Simple software for Regular retun]
  • Generate Regular returns only for all Forms and Quarter from F.Y 2007-08 onward.
  • Generates returns very quickly.
  • Simple to use as excel.
  • Highlights error at validation process.

Download for FREE : Excel e-TDS [Ver: 5.9]

  • Generate Regular and Revised returns for all four Quarter of form 24, 26, 27, 27E.
  • Provides alert for the notices from Income Tax Department on home page.
  • Bulk PAN verification from TRACES.
  • Bulk PAN correction in a single click.
  • Compatible from F.Y. 2007-08 onwards.
  • Capable of creating nil return.
  • The software have inbuilt NSDL utility for validating text file.
  • Generate digitally signed Form 16, Form 27D with a link to e-filing of individual return.
  • Generate Form 27A for regular and correction returns automatically.
  • Has the provision for both manual as well as importing for deductee, payment & challan entry.
  • Compute correct TDS/TCS amount.
  • The entire software process is quite understandable & hassle free.
  • It has got unique feature to unmapped Deductee in order to proceed with filling.
  • Flexibility provided by the software to take the backup at the desired location.
  • Maintain the scanned copy of Acknowledgement number.
  • Single Master Database of Deductees / Payee.
  • Generate returns for Unlimited Companies.
  • Quick importing of large data from Excel Template and .fvu file.
  • Capable to import consolidate tds file for making the correction return.
  • User friendly interface for simple navigation.

Advantages over Manual systems

  • Reduce Manpower cost, as it does not require manual interface, can be operated by a single user.
  • Reduce Paper cost / Courier cost & Inventory.
  • Reduce the pressure of physical signing of form.
  • Auto compute correct TDS/TCS amount.
  • Reduced redundancy of data.
  • Environment friendly.

System Requirement 

  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003, Windows8, Windows7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 98
  • Microsoft Windows Excel 2003 or above
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or above
  • Java 7.0 or above
  • Adobe Reader 9.0 or above

Product Specifications

TDS SUITE (Read More)

  • Lite Version [Single Year, Regular & Correction, Unlimited Companies, Upto 500 Records]
  • Professional Version [Last 7 years, Regular & Correction, Unlimited Companies, Upto 10,000 Records]

  • Enterprise Version [Last 7 years, Regular & Correction, Unlimited Companies, Upto 50,000 Records]

  • Ultimate Version [Last 7 years, Regular & Correction, Unlimited Companies, Unlimited Records]

Excel e-TDS
  • Excel Version [Single Year, Regular, Unlimited Companies, Upto Excel supports]

Steps to Use

Regular Return

  • Download & Register TDS Suite.
  • Create New Deductor / Company and save the database.
  • Enter the data or Import the data through excel file.
  • Prepare the return by single click on “Make Return” Option.
  • Submit FVU file and Signed 27A to NSDL-TIN Centers and get acknowledgement number.
  • Update the acknowledgement number and status as provided by NSDL.
  • Generate digitally signed TDS certificate Forms (16 & 27D).

Correction Return

  • Download consolidated file from TRACES.
  • Create New Deductor / Company and save the database.
  • Import consolidated file in the database.
  • Make correction in the records as per requirements.
  • Prepare the return for correction by single click on “Make Return” option.
  • Submit FVU file, Signed 27A and Regular acknowledgement copy to NSDL-TIN Center.
  • Get acknowledgement number for correction return.
  • Update the acknowledgement number and status provided by NSDL.
  • Generate digitally signed TDS certificate Forms (16 & 27D) with corrected records.


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