Students’ Guide to Accounting Standards (Accounts/Adv. Accounts) | Study Material D.S. Rawat, Nozer Shroff

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This book presents the accounting standards in simple language and equips the reader to apply the accounting standards. It is a student-oriented book covering Accounting Standards for Paper 1 (Accounting) & Paper 5 (Advanced Accounting).

CA Intermediate | Nov. 2023 Exam



This book is prepared exclusively for the Intermediate Level of Chartered Accountancy Examination requirement. It covers the revised syllabus per ICAI under the New Scheme of Education and Training. It applies to Group 1/Paper 1 – Accounting & Group 2/Paper 5 – Advanced Accounting.

This book presents the accounting standards in simple language and equips the reader to apply the accounting standards.

The Present Publication is the 10th Edition & updated till 30th April 2023 for CA-Inter | Nov. 2023 Exam. This book is authored by Dr D.S. Rawat & CA Nozer Shroff, with the following noteworthy features:

[Format of the Book]:
Covering Revised Syllabus of Paper 1 (Accounting) and Paper 5 (Advanced Accounting) of CA-Intermediate (New Syllabus)
[Chapters 1-10] cover Accounting Standards (AS) applicable for the ‘Accounting’ Paper of CA-Inter (Group1)
[Chapters 11-23] covers AS applicable for the ‘Advanced Accounting’ Paper of CA-Inter (Group 2)
[Coverage of this Book] includes:
All 21 Accounting Standards (AS)
Other chapters relating to AS of the new syllabus, as prescribed by the ICAI
[Problems & Solutions] Questions on Accounting Standards of past examinations have been incorporated into the respective AS.
[Past Exam Questions & Answers] are included in this book
[Student-Oriented Book] The authors have developed this book keeping in mind the following factors:
Interaction of the authors with their students, with specific emphasis on difficulties faced by students in the examinations
Shaped by the author’s experience of teaching the subject matter at different levels
Reactions and responses of students have also been incorporated at different places in the book
The detailed contents of this book are as follows:

Introduction to Accounting Standards and Indian Accounting Standards
Framework for the Preparation and Presentation of Financial Statements
Group 1 – Paper 1 (Accounting)
AS-1 | Disclosure of Accounting Policies
AS-2 | Valuation of Inventories
AS-3 | Cash Flow Statement
AS-10 | Property, Plant and Equipment
AS-11 | The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates
AS-12 | Accounting for Government Grants
AS-13 | Accounting for Investments
AS-16 | Borrowing Costs
Group 2 – Paper 5 (Advanced Accounting)
AS-4 | Contingencies and Events occurring after the Balance Sheet date
AS-5 | Net Profit or loss for the period, prior period items and change in accounting policies
AS-7 | Construction Contracts
AS-9 | Revenue Recognition
AS-14 | Accounting for Amalgamation
AS-17 | Segment Reporting
AS-18 | Related Party Disclosure
AS-19 | Accounting for Leases
AS-20 | Earnings Per Share
AS-22 | Accounting for Taxes on Income
AS-24 | Discontinuing Operations
AS-26 | Intangible Assets
AS-29 | Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets