TRANSFER PRICING in India (Domestic & International)


Publisher: Bharat Law House Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 1st edn., 2021
Year: 2021
ISBN: 978-93-90854-64-6
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About TRANSFER PRICING in India (Domestic & International)

Part I

What is Transfer Pricing

Chapter 1 What is Transfer Pricing

Part II

Domestic TP — Specified Domestic Transactions (SDTs)

Chapter 2 Specified Domestic Transactions

Chapter 3 Excessive and Unreasonable Payments [Section 40A(2)]

Chapter 4 Transfer between Tax Exempt and Associated Concerns

Chapter 5 Estimation of Profits

Part III

Scope of Transfer Pricing

Chapter 6 There should be Transaction

Chapter 7 Transactions should be between Associated Enterprises

Chapter 8 One or More Enterprise should be Non-Resident

Chapter 9 The Transaction should have a Bearing on the Taxable Profits of the Relevant Year of Such Enterprise

Chapter 10 Scope of Transfer Pricing — Other Relevant Points

Part IV

Computational Provisions — Transfer Pricing Methods

Chapter 11 Comparable Uncontrolled Price Method

Chapter 12 Resale Price Method

Chapter 13 Cost Plus Method

Chapter 14 Transactional Net Margin Method — Basics

Chapter 15 Transactional Net Margin Method — Profit Level Indicator

Chapter 16 Profit Split Method

Chapter 17 Other Method

Chapter 18 Most Appropriate Method

Part V

Computational Provisions —
Comparability Analysis

Chapter 19 ALP and Other Principles for Benchmarking

Chapter 20 Tested Party

Chapter 21 Single or Multiple Transactions for Benchmarking

Chapter 22 Single or Multiple-Year Data for Comparison

Chapter 23 Business Model

Chapter 24 Functions Assets Risk Comparison

Chapter 25 Use of Quantitative and Qualitative Filters

Chapter 26 Comparability Adjustments

Chapter 27 Safe Harbour Rules

Chapter 28 Taxpayer and AE’s Income/Loss Adjustments

Part VI

Types of Transactions

Chapter 29 Types of Transactions

Chapter 30 Manufacturing Transactions

Chapter 31 Trading Transactions — Trader versus Distributor versus Commission Agent

Chapter 32 Financial Transactions

Chapter 33 Intra-Group Services

Chapter 34 Cost Sharing or Cost Contribution Agreements (CCA)

Chapter 35 Intangible Assets — Benchmarking should be based on DEMPE Functions

Chapter 36 Royalty — Payment for Use of Manufacturing or Marketing Intangibles

Chapter 37 AMP Expenses — Payment for Creation or Enhancement of Marketing Intangible

Chapter 38 Reimbursements

Chapter 39 Sale/Purchase of Business or Business Assets

Chapter 40 Business Restructuring

Part VII

Audit and Assessment

Chapter 41 Documentation Requirement

Chapter 42 Guide to Prepare TP Certificate (Form 3CEB)

Chapter 43 Guide to Prepare TP Study (Documentation u/s 10D)

Chapter 44 Burden of Proof

Chapter 45 Assessment by AO

Chapter 46 Revisionary Powers of CIT/PCIT

Chapter 47 Reference to TPO

Chapter 48 Dispute Resolution Panel

Chapter 49 Penalties and Prosecution


Dispute Resolution —
Avoiding and Resolving Mechanism

Chapter 50 TP Dispute Resolution Mechanism

Chapter 51 Advance Pricing Arrangement

Chapter 52 Safe Harbour — Sector-Specific Rules

Part IX


Annexure 1 Statutory Provisions

I. Income Tax Act, 1961 — Provisions relevant for Transfer Pricing
II. Income Tax Rules, 1962 — Rules relevant for Transfer Pricing
III. Forms relevant for TP Compliances
Annexure 2 Form 3CEB – Sample draft

Annexure 3 Guide to Prepare TP Study (Documentation u/s 10D)


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